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"Make America Again" is a video poem based on "Let America Be America" by Langston Hughes.

An American debates with himself in the Capitol City of Florida, whether America has ever and can ever achieve its own lofty ideals by adapting words from a bygone era penned in protest by Langston Hughes to a contemporary question of ‘what makes a country great’ - in the end he concludes, as does the great poet, it takes the will of the people recommitting themselves regularly to the uplifting of the least of our countrymen before we can lay claim to greatness.

The film is designed to celebrate America and the tremendous strides we have made while simultaneously inspiring us to not become weary because the task of being a great country is a daily task.

This film is designed for patriotic remembrances, including, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, etc., and to showcase more than pride in our past, rather pride in our always present task as Americans.

Directors - Ian Edward Weir and R. Akbar

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